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​            All Green Learning Center is nestled in the fringe of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khao Yai National Park, in the province of  Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Spread over four hectares of gently undulating land, the buildings are designed and sited around natural landscape, with no alteration to the original terrain. All Green Learning Center is home to heritage trees, including the endangered makha (Afzelia xylocarpa), that are conserved throughout the development process. Simple living in harmony with nature is the main theme here.
          While the environment is rustic, we provide all the facilities necessary to run our programs efficiently and effectively, and for a comfortable stay. We provide boarding facilities, as well as learning, activity, and leisure facilities. Our buildings utilize environmentally sustainable materials upon green architectural principles, and are powered by renewable energy sources.


The main activity hub, with the ability to accommodate up to 200 people. Built from reused wood columns, bamboo roof structure, and biomass roofing material.


Comprising six blocks, The Village provides comfortable living spaces for visitors. Each room sleeps two to three people, with one to two attached bathrooms.


Dormitory-style accommodation block, each room comfortably housing three to six people, with communal bathrooms.


Classroom where lessons are held, with the ability to accommodate up to 60 people. A rammed earth wall with vertical vegetation on the west side helps to keep the building cool, in conjunction with the ventilated roof, floor, and wall.


An open-air space for workshops, where visitors have the chance to get their hands dirty. Features green building techniques such as bamboo roof structure, and biomass roofing


A 25-meter long natural swimming pool which utilizes chemical-free treatment methods by mimicking streams in nature.


Organic farming methods are practiced here, using only natural fertilizers and pesticides. Water saving irrigation techniques are also utilized. The charcoal kilns are located here.​


9 Moo 4 Baan Nonkradon, Payayen, Pak Chong, Nakornratchasima 30320
Tel. 081-8757172 , 086-4686362
E-mail :