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 All Green Learning Center 
At the All Green Learning Center (AGLC), we like to emphasize  personal development in sustainability initiatives and ideas. It is hoped that through knowledge dissemination we can help to create a society that lives “in balance” with nature through efficient use of resources, encouraging the use of low-environmental impact technologies and promoting renewable energy.
We have been working hard to be a center of sustainability learning, network creation and technology showcasing in order to spread ideas and to provide proof that green technology really does work!

What's new at AGLC  : 
Eco Farm at AGLC

Healthy and affordable Food


Eco Farm

Mother Earth can live without us, we cannot live without her

“Green Revolution”, although has helped to feed the rapidly growing population in the last century, is no longer the sustainable solution for the future.
We are convicted to the understanding of natural ecological cycle and naturally occurring substances to aid in farming.
We believe in learning from nature, working harmoniously with nature, selective use of modern technology, to produce affordable healthy food that do not harm the environment. 


  Natural fertilizer, enzymes and plant hormones instead of chemicals (mainly derived from fossil fuel and mining).

•  Integrated ecological means of pest control involving no synthetic chemical. Green house or net house (tropical) can reduce

    pest invasion, mixed crops, light traps, sound traps and other physical apparatus are preferred.

•  Soil improvement using microorganism and symbiosis are encouraged.

•  Aquaponics and duckponics are proven highly effective farming methods.

•  Less-till even no-till will reduce fuel cost, soil disturbance and it is what nature does.

•  In situ composting and vermiculture bring life back to the soil. 

•  Respecting and learning from nature, mankind has a lot to learn from nature to feed ourselves sustainably


Duck, Fish and Plants


Duck farming experiment  :

•  Floating duck shed – happy ducks!

•  Circulating biological wastewater treatment - nitrification to convert poop to nutrients for plants.

•  The pond has a small fenced up section to keep small fishes and duckweed from totally eaten by the ducks.

•  Planters will be setup in a net house to grow different vegetables and filter the water before returning to the pond

​    Duckponics

•  Minimize labor in cleaning, feeding, watering and harvesting.

•  Minimize feeds, fertilizer and pest control.

Chicken Caravan

•  Chicken are mostly reared in massive factory with super short growth cycle. Chicken are “manufactured goods” produced by

​   high density factories.

•  Free range chicken farming is expensive due to low productivity.

•  How to raise healthy and happy chicken in cost effective ways? 

–  What about moving the chicken instead of totally free roaming?

–  Less feed, less maintenance while enriching the soil?

–  Our second prototype of moving caravan which is light and has a "mezzanine" for night roosting. Retractable ladder

​    that double up as gate.

–  Can be deployed in many places such as fruit tree plantation, household backyard, grass patches of school and

    community  space. 

​       •  Chicken foliage on the grass and soil, move from one area to the next
​ •  Lightweight hence easy to move and has a "mezzanine" for night roosting.


Moving Sheep Pen

We have lots of grasses to mow, why not let the sheep helps us do the work !

•  First Generation is a movable metal fence pen that we learned from Youtube: Sheep Tractor – acknowledge the generosity of

​   sharing.

•  Lessen learnt: the metal fence was too heavy to move on uneven ground especially on wet days. Cannot encompass trees or

   shrubs. Applicable to large flat pasture.

•  The second version is a movable net fencing that can encircle trees and other objects. Flexibility and maneuverability greatly

​   improved over the first attempt.

•  Shelter with raised platform must also be movable as sheep like to be dry for the night.



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