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 Solar / Photovoltaic Applications
Solar / Photovoltaic Applications
Renewable energy especially solar energy has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Solar energy, or more technically referred as Photovoltaic, PV in short, has become affordable and cost competitive with other power sources.
Walking in the compound of AGLC, you will discover the use of PV in almost every corner both standalone, grid-connected and other configurations. AGLC Office is covered with PV integrated as a roof which is known as Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). 
The South facing roof of Living Centre is also covered with PV modules. The most obvious of all is the Sun Centre near to the entrance. The 2-axis solar tracking system follows the Sun from dawn to dusk hence maximizing the harnessing of solar energy.
Most of the compound lightings depend on solar energy too.
Even you may not actually have to install a PV system, but learning some background of PV technology and able to install a simple system opens up a wide range of possibilities. AGLC offers basic introductory PV course to advanced level as our trainers are practicing engineers with years of experience in real world applications.

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